Be Mindful Of Your Thoughts

Did you know your thoughts can have a profound impact on every single living cell in your body?  Yes they can.  There is even scientific proof about this very topic.

Your thoughts have energy.  You control the energy behind the words you speak. The same word (or phrase) can have a positive meaning or a negative meaning depending upon the powered or energy behind that word (or phrase).  Look at this simple phrase typed in different ways.  Which one looks/sounds more powerful, positive or negative or over the top?

I am?          i am.          I Am!          I AM!          I-I-I-I-I AM-AM-AM-AM

Thoughts can have the same power to influence your physical body.  If you sneeze and you keep thinking that you are getting a cold over and over again, you will eventually get a cold.  On the other hand if you sneeze and you keep thinking that you are strong and healthy, you may get a sniffle or two and feel great.  The stronger the thoughts about yourself, the greater the impact your thoughts will on you.

Try your own experiment for at least three days to one week.  When you wake up in the morning, remove all the negative chatter from your mind.  Look outside your window, no matter what the weather (rain, snow, heat, cold), and say to yourself “this is going to be a great day”.  Every time you look in the mirror, say to yourself “you are going to have a wonderful day!”  Fill a water bottle with your own positive words written on the bottle.  Use it everyday and say “I am healthy, I am happy, I am loved!”

Hidden Messages In Water

Hidden Messages In Water

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s positive water molecule. This is an image of a frozen water molecule photographed by a high powered microscopic camera. His findings carry a simple and profound message: don’t underestimate the power of thoughts.

Read more about Dr. Masaru Emoto

His experiments were featured in the 2004 hit movie “What The Bleep Do We Know”.

See Dr. Emoto’s experiment featured in the movie

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