Balance blue_text

Balance is something that looks easy but for some challenging to do in our daily lives.

Your life is always moving – moving forward, moving back, moving up and moving down and then your life can move sideways in an instant.  You think you have a road map to guide you along your path but the first sign of turmoil and your map gets shaped into a crumpled lump of paper.

You might want to smooth out that road map and balance out your life.  If you work on a computer all day, everyday, try spending a day unplugged.  No phones, computer, TV, radio, and just read a book, walk on the beach, enjoy being in a park.  Listen to the quiet around you and balance your life.

You manage or meet with adults all week, spend some time with your children, grandchildren and just be a kid yourself for the day.  If you are inside all day long and never see the daylight, take a break and go outside, walk around in the sun for a moment.

Working hard during the week and playing hard on the weekends is not a balanced life.  You may find yourself even more exhausted come Monday morning.  If your file is too quiet, call an old friend and chat.  Meet up with a few classmates.  Get out and mingle.

The point to this little blog of mine is…Try to add a little balance into your daily life to maintain a happier lifestyle. Remember to breath!

Let’s start a revolution for “Positive Thinking.”


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