It’s The Little Things…

The little things, even as simple as a smile, can change your whole outlook for the day. A few days ago I got a parking ticket.

Yup…a small blue envelope, tucked right under the wiper blade, for me to find. I pulled it out and sat back in the car. Before I opened it, I took a moment and smiled.  After all, I had decided to sleep in another half hour.  I took my time getting ready for work.  I even packed myself a healthy lunch (something I usually do not have time for because I’m always running late).

So the reason for the ticket was that morning was Street Sweeping day and your car is ticketed after 9:00 am. I took full responsibility for getting the ticket and I was having a wonderful morning. I opened the envelope and to my surprise, instead of a $100-300-fine my ticket was only $38.  The rest of my day went pretty much the same way.  Challenges were greater with a laugh or a smile  and solutions came easily and quickly.


Yes…it’s the little things.   So S M I L E.

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