Positive Thinking – 1. “It’s Never Too Late”

“It’s never too late to change”

Pink Ivy_sml

Whether you are young or old, outgoing or introvert, you have the capacity to alter your perspective on the world and your surroundings.  Try Changing one word at a time – from I’m not to I am; I never to I always; I can’t to I can do anything I put my mind to.  Put a positive spin on your current situation – look for the light instead of the dark side of things.  This may sound very cliché but it really works. I have used this method to pull myself up out of the darkest situations in my life and because I kept a positive attitude, my family managed their well being also. Gravitate to the positive parts of words – unfit, unhappy, uninspiredunstableundo any part of your words that are negative and promote positive thoughts in your mind. Focus on the way you want your life to be and hold it in your mind.

Changing your way of thinking will take a conscious effort on your part. You are the only one that has the power to make a change in your own life. Keep practicing and mind your words in thought, speech and action.  Eventually Positive Thinking will become a natural part of your life…and most importantly, remember to smile!

       ~ Apt-2-Art ~

(These writings are methods that were helpful to me on my life path and I wanted to share them with you.  I am not a healthcare professional nor a physician and I do not prescribe any course of mental health treatment.)

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