Positive Thinking – 3. “Focus Within”

“Focus Within On Positive Thoughts To Start The Flow”

Plant Leaf Underside

Focus on your positive thoughts and/or feelings and bring them to your center.  Try to stay focused and centered on all things that are right in your life no matter how small.  When you are calm and at peace with your own inner thoughts you will begin to radiate an invisible light.  A light that people who are open and ready to receive will see and feel the warmth of that light.  Now share that positive energy with your immediate family and close friends even if it’s just to say “I Love You” or “I’ve been thinking about you today”.  Now take that positive energy to the next level.  Branch out to other family members and friends and share those warm feelings with people you meet along the way.  Let that positive energy spread to other veins like the leaf above.

Eventually that positive energy will reach someone’s heart that is in need of uplift at that moment in time.  You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.  You will almost always receive a positive response with a “Hello…How are you today?” and a smile.  Remember to smile!

 ~ Apt-2-Art ~

(These writings are methods that were helpful to me on my life path and I wanted to share them with you.  I am not a healthcare professional nor a physician and I do not prescribe any course of mental health treatment.  Please feel free to share or re-post acknowledging apt2art.net)

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