Point Of View

Most people see only what’s right there in front of them.  They are surprised or fearful of what is coming toward of them.  They avoid looking at what happened in the past or in some cases dwell in past events where they were miserable and then project those negative feelings onto their possible future.  They focus is on themselves and avoid looking around.

Let’s take a look at this quote by John Bradford.

but for the grace of God,
go I.”

Really think about that quote.  That could be you or I in that position.  When you look at someone living in a more challenging circumstance than you do you look down on that person or walkway and say nothing (or project your feelings or past events)?  You do not know what happened in their life to judge them.  Your life could have been exactly the same as that person than what your life is right now.

Take a new point of view and see yourself from their eyes.  Would you still have negative thoughts about that person?  Would you take a moment to give that person a smile, a coffee, a meal or a kind word?

It takes only a moment to be kind…be different…share your positivity and kindness.

~ Apt-2-Art ~

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