We have a special Super Blue Moon happening this Wednesday night, January 31st. 2018.  Now what is so special about this moon you ask?  That is a great question of which I have a teeny, tiny answer because our moon is so much more…

Our Moon’s gravity affects everything here on Earth and has a very strong effect on all the waters.  Even though the Moon is smaller than the Sun, it is closer to our earth and has over twice the gravitational force on the Earth than the Sun.

The moon also has its own energy that you can channel for abundance, harvest, wish-fulfillment, manifesting desires, sexuality, achieving all dreams and protection.  Herbivores and humans ovulate around the Full Moon.  Migratory Birds appear to follow the patterns of the moon for timing and finding their path of migration.  Coral mates at the full moon.  The full moon amplifies the electrical charge in living cells.

A Blue Moon combined with a Supermoon (when the Moon is at its closest point to Earth and appears to be 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than normal) the rare phenomena is called a Super Blue Blood Moon happens. Supermoons generally only occur once every 14 months and will not happen again until January 2019.

Each phase of the Moon has its own energy, and its own Power.  So,  find yourself a comfortable and safe place to relax and meditate or try a little moon bathing.

It’s a great time to recharge your cells.


The Full Moon

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