This Spring marks the Spring Equinox which happens on Saturday, March 20.  It is also the first day of spring, a day of new beginnings. This year we have also experienced some unpredictable and unique weather around the world. COVID-19 is now a lifestyle with most of us working from home or practicing self quarantine and being stuck inside all day. Now would be a good time to shake things up a bit for our health and sanity.

  • Whenever possible open the curtains and let in some sunlight – it will brighten your spirits.
  • Open up those windows to circulate some fresh air – purge that stale, stuffy air.
  • Start some light spring cleaning – one small area at a time.
  • Remember to spring forward in your area – set your clocks ahead.

Now sit back with a cup of tea or your favorite drink and enjoy your accomplishments.

~ Apt-2-Art ~

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