Positive Thinking – 2. “You Are In Control”

“You Are In Control”

Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo Paw

You are in control of who You are.  You are always in control of YOU.  You are the only person in your world that can make You happy, not family, not friends just You.  You are the only person who controls your feelings.  No one else, just You.  Get to know who you really are.  Try these 5-minute meditations:   Continue reading

Positive Thinking – 1. “It’s Never Too Late”

“It’s never too late to change”

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Whether you are young or old, outgoing or introvert, you have the capacity to alter your perspective on the world and your surroundings.  Try Changing one word at a time – from I’m not to I am; I never to I always; I can’t to I can do anything I put my mind to.  Put a positive spin on your current situation – look for the light instead of the dark side of things.  This may sound very cliché but it really works. I have used this method to pull myself up out of the darkest situations in my life and because I kept a positive attitude, my family managed their well being also. Continue reading


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If you are around negative vibrations, this may cause a shift in your own positive vibration to their negative vibrations.  Step back or walk away and put yourself back into a positive vibration.  Your positive vibrations may cause a shift in others negative vibration to move them to a positive vibration.

Don’t let negativity pull you down.  Stay focused and remember you are in control of your own light!

~ Apt-2-Art ~