Positive Thinking – 1. “It’s Never Too Late”

“It’s never too late to change”

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Whether you are young or old, outgoing or introvert, you have the capacity to alter your perspective on the world and your surroundings.  Try Changing one word at a time – from I’m not to I am; I never to I always; I can’t to I can do anything I put my mind to.  Put a positive spin on your current situation – look for the light instead of the dark side of things.  This may sound very cliché but it really works. I have used this method to pull myself up out of the darkest situations in my life and because I kept a positive attitude, my family managed their well being also. Continue reading


Pink Ivy_sml

If you are around negative vibrations, this may cause a shift in your own positive vibration to their negative vibrations.  Step back or walk away and put yourself back into a positive vibration.  Your positive vibrations may cause a shift in others negative vibration to move them to a positive vibration.

Don’t let negativity pull you down.  Stay focused and remember you are in control of your own light!

~ Apt-2-Art ~