Holiday Wishes


To all my friends old and new
I have a Holiday Wish for you…

May you be cozy and warm on the coldest of nights
and your plates overflowing with tasty delights…

Wishing you a fantastic Holiday and
a prosperous New Year in 2018!  Love ‘n Light

~ Apt-2Art ~



It’s Friday the 13th. 

Make this day the kind of day you want it to be.  It’s all good!

Happy Friday!

~ Apt-2-Art ~


Sometimes doing nothing can be very productive. We use up all our energy during the week working, careing for others, running errands. Trying to cram ten hours into one.

So take sometime this weekend and do “Nothing”. Let your mind and body rejuvenate itself. You know…”Stop and smell the roses” kind of thing.

~ Apt-2-Art ~


I remember when I was a child I was completely free.  I would sing with the birds…catch a snowflake on my nose.  Listen to the stories my grandmother told me about where she grew up.  Play outside with my friends until the street lights came on.

I will be free again when I grow up…again.

~ Apt-2-Art ~