The first day of May, also known as Beltane (one of eight solar Sabbats) is a Wiccans or Pagans holiday celebrated in many parts of Europe.  Its roots as a holiday stretch back to the Gaelic Beltane and was considered the last day of winter and welcomed the beginning of summer.

This is a celebration of new beginnings.  Clear your thoughts and begin a new!

~ Apt-2-Art ~

Christmas Eve


Today is the day before the most famous Birthday in the world.  Today choose to spend this day with family and friends without last minute sales or today only specials.  Being at peace surrounded by family and friends is special enough.

Blessing to you and your family and enjoy this moment however you celebrate this day.

Wishing you love and light!

Giving Thanks

Well it’s that time of year again when we are bombarded with never ending sales, cyber deals, blackout days everywhere you turn. Time is very precious to me so I want to spend as much time as I can celebrating my granddaughter’s 1st birthday with my family. I want to spend this holiday giving thanks to those who are in need. I want to give thanks to those who serve to protect me and my family. That’s where I want to spend my time…that’s where I’ll be.

Sales come and go but family happens only once in a lifetime. Give thanks to those who are special in your life this holiday.
~ Apt2Art ~