Just Breath

Have you ever taken a moment to be still…
or just closed your eyes and took a deep breath?
Give it a try sometime.  You may love the results!

~ Apt-2-Art ~

Point Of View

Most people see only what’s right there in front of them.  They are surprised or fearful of what is coming toward of them.  They avoid looking at what happened in the past or in some cases dwell in past events where they were miserable and then project those negative feelings onto their possible future.  They focus is on themselves and avoid looking around.

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Positive Thinking – 4. “Always A Light”

“Always A Light”

Mini Bucket

Half empty or half full?

No matter what happens in your life, there is always a new beginning…if that is what you choose.  You can focus on the negative parts of your path and stay miserable for the duration of your life events or focus on the positive aspects of what is happening to you and know there is always a light at the end of this event and you can begin again or move on.  There is always a beginning and there is always an end.  Focus on the positive and be the light from within.

Your perspective…You choice!

 ~ Apt-2-Art ~

(These writings are methods that were helpful to me on my life path and I wanted to share them with you.  I am not a healthcare professional nor a physician and I do not prescribe any course of mental health treatment.  Please feel free to share or re-post acknowledging apt2art.net)

Positive Thinking – 3. “Focus Within”

“Focus Within On Positive Thoughts To Start The Flow”

Plant Leaf Underside

Focus on your positive thoughts and/or feelings and bring them to your center.  Try to stay focused and centered on all things that are right in your life no matter how small.  When you are calm and at peace with your own inner thoughts you will begin to radiate an invisible light.  A light that people who are open and ready to receive will see and feel the warmth of that light.   Continue reading