Have you ever watched a stream of water slowly meander along the ground? The water flows along its path gently rolling along the way, easily flowing over any obstacles along the way on. If something should happen to land in front of the stream and blocks it’s path, it may slow down, but then it would build up a little pressure and just push on through sometimes in other directions.

It doesn’t whine or cry… throw a tantrum and retreat back to where it came from.  It stays on its path traveling in a new direction, feeling full of energy and fully committed to its destination.  Every molecule of water, working together to achieve the same goal.

You know the saying “Go With The Flow”.



You never know what obstacles you will run into until they show up right in front of your face.  There are always going to be road blocks along your life-path. Some man made and some created by nature.  Some road blocks are even self-made (all the chatter you rattle around your head).

If you try to plow through them with blunt force you only tire yourself out.  If you try smashing your way through, you may think you succeed but you may end up hurting yourself in such a way you will not be able to enjoy what’s on the other side.

The best way to handle most obstacles you run along your journey is to just go around them.  There is always way around, up or down.  Say it with me.  There’s always a way around…there’s always an opening…there’s always a solution…there’s always another way.  This doesn’t mean it’s the best way, just different…and different is good.

Now BELIEVE it when you SAY it. You will make it through.

And remember…Your words have power!

It’s The Little Things…

The little things, even as simple as a smile, can change your whole outlook for the day. A few days ago I got a parking ticket.

Yup…a small blue envelope, tucked right under the wiper blade, for me to find. I pulled it out and sat back in the car. Before I opened it, I took a moment and smiled.  After all, I had decided to sleep in another half hour.  I took my time getting ready for work.  I even packed myself a healthy lunch (something I usually do not have time for because I’m always running late).

So the reason for the ticket was that morning was Street Sweeping day and your car is ticketed after 9:00 am. I took full responsibility for getting the ticket and I was having a wonderful morning. I opened the envelope and to my surprise, instead of a $100-300-fine my ticket was only $38.  The rest of my day went pretty much the same way.  Challenges were greater with a laugh or a smile  and solutions came easily and quickly.


Yes…it’s the little things.   So S M I L E.